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Data Entry

Single User Plan

Registration Fee RS.3,540/- Including GST RS.5,900/- Including GST
Work Record 2500 Record 3500 Record
Duration 7 Days 7 Days
Mistakes Allow 200 200
Total Pay 17,700/- Including GST 28,320/- Including GST
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Two User Plan

Registration Fee RS.11,800/- Including GST RS.17,700/- Including GST
Work Record 5000 Record 7000 Record
Duration 10 Days 10 Days
Mistakes Allow 250 250
Total Pay 47,200/- Including GST 74,340/- Including GST
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Business Plan

Registration Fee RS.23,600/- RS.41,300/-
Work Record 15000 Record 30000 Record
Duration 20 Days 20 Days
Mistakes Allow 700 1000
Total Pay 1,41,000/- Including GST 3,54,000/- Including GST
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Process to Start

Get Registered with suitable plans

Get MOU signed (Agreement between you and us.)

Get Work (Image data will assigned you.)

Get Complete (Data should be done in excel file, before date and time)

How to get Report

Get QC report (it Takes 7 Days).

Get Cross Check (Re-check Yourself in 48hrs).

Get Payment (In 2 Days).

Get QC report (it Takes 7 Days).

Accuracy Parameters

QC in done by the Qc Department Manually.

Errors Considered as per below mentioned.

Spelling Mistakes, Symbol Missing,Text Missing, Word Exchanged, Headers, As per Plan Errors are Calculated.

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